Anh Le

My Digital Marketing & CRM Journey

My Story

Hi there,

I’m Ngoc Anh, a master student in Digital Marketing & CRM in France. The first thing about me is that I’m both left-brain and right-brain, which means I’m interested in both creative and analytics.

During my bachelor’s time, I used to join some marketing and business competitions to force my brain to think as much as possible. I started my marketing career at a full-stack marketing agency for one year, which gives me the chance to practice art like photography, brand design and marketing skills like idea brainstorming, content development. So to begin the marketing career, I focused mainly on ideas and creative skills.

After that, I moved to work as a digital marketer for an international company for 2 years where I had to self-study a lot but I had some chance to join a few projects in Canada, America, Hong Kong, and Vietnam – which brings me not only the international work experience but also the analytical skills when you examine every idea based on A/B testing and metrics.

I love learning and I keep learning. The master program I’m doing now brings me a broader picture of digital marketing and CRM is a new field for me and I’m excited to share everything that I am learning via this blog.

Hope you guys enjoy it